German Legend Set for Stateside Move

Ethan Tait

Jose Mourinho is known to be an ass of a manager and as a person.

The Portuguese bastard has prematurely ending careers of quality players, and done so with a smile and some cheeky riddle in the press.

Fuck off, Mourinho.

Iker Casillas had his career just about ended when he broke his hand in January of 2013, when Diego Lopez replaced him.

Real Madrid continued to kick Casillas while he was done and gave the club legend a real shitty sending off, but that’s not the point here.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is in a similar position to Casillas, except Mourinho just believes he’s shit and sent him to train with the reserves.

The ex-German international still has quality left in him and can contribute to a team, just not in top flight European footy.

Next stop, America?

Schweiny would be a fantastic addition to any MLS side, especially those looking for a playoff push or looking to fill a Designated Player spot in their side.

We can’t let that twat, Mourinho, send another player out on a low.

Schweinsteiger is class and will end his career as a German legend; he simply deserves a better send off.

I realize that China is definitely an option, but once you enter the Chinese Super League, you’re never heard from again.

China is the Bermuda Triangle of football leagues.

The only news I actually heard of was when Ramires went a little too far and wanted to brawl with the referee after getting sent off.

Bastian, do yourself a favor and end your storied career on a high and come to the retirement league.

MLS will pay you well and you can pull the strings from midfield without breaking a sweat.

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