USWNT Goes O.J. Simpson On Hope Solo

The United States women’s national team has had enough of Hope Solo. Her reputation as habitual-line-stepper who doesn’t give a fuck is not congruent with the curated image of women’s soccer that they’re trying to present. Her latest stunt (calling the Swedish team who knocked the US out of the Olympics “cowards”) probably ended her international career after U.S. Soccer suspended her from the team for six months and terminated her contract.

Is what she said really that bad? No. But it’s kind of like when O.J. accidentally robbed those people and caught 33 years.

oj simpson sentenced

Hope Solo’s punishment was metered out based on an aggregation of all her sins.

She’s always in the news for one reason or another, none of it good. I don’t think it’s cool that the media is always putting her on blast. Sometimes, everybody fucks up. But as a bonafide celebrity, she’s gotta know that she needs to walk the straight and narrow, and that’s gonna be pretty hard to do when Jerramy Stevens is the line leader.

Again, this article isn’t an indictment of Hope Solo’s process. But that’s what this suspension is.

She’s been a faithful servant for the USWNT, but the big bosses don’t even care.

She’s 35 and reaching the end of her useful soccer life. Based on everything that’s happened off the field, she’s not going to be one of these women like Michelle Akers or Mia Hamm who continues to be a flag bearer for the US after retirement.

Source: Makers
Source: Makers

So they ran the numbers and decided “Fuck it, dead her.”

I’m not saying it’s fair. In fact, it’s not fair at all. Those nudie pics that leaked weren’t her fault, but they counted as a strike against her at whatever FISA Court trial in absentia she was sentenced at.

Yes, here in America, land of the free, where we champion individuality, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

Pretty Two-Faced of us, but he dies at the end of The Dark Knight anyway.




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