In Action: Who Is The Best Lee Sin Player In The West?

Who is the best Lee Sin player in the west? It’s a title many pros have been keen to lay claim to, yet with more and more mechanically impressive rookies entering both the EU and NA LCS, the question is becoming increasingly difficult to answer.

Some of the best moments from professional League of Legends play are a direct product of Lee Sin’s unique champion kit. The jungler has been a permanent fixture within the professional meta: mobile, adaptable, mechanical and the go-to champion for many of the game’s brightest talents.

With nearly every professional jungler playing the blind monk to varying levels of proficiency, CLICKON eSports examines the highlight reels of some of the best Lee Sin players from both the EU and NA LCS… it’s probably for the best that we keep the Koreans out of this.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Season 7 has seen the jungle role rise to prominence in competitive play once more. With both the European and North American regions stacked with talent, the fight for objective and lane control has birthed a new breed of aggressive junglers.

Willing to take risks and pull-off match winning plays, LCS fans have revelled in the strategic battles put on screen by the best junglers in the leagues.

Whilst Counter Logic Gaming’s Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett has claimed himself to be the ‘cleanest Lee Sin NA’, his self-appointed title has not been without challengers. Similarly in EU, first blood king Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is no longer the undisputed overlord of aggressive jungling in Europe.

Here are our pick of the best Lee Sin players in the EU and NA LCS… but who takes the crown?

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