Bloke gets hilarious Gary Lineker tattoo on lads holiday

There’s an unwritten rule, that every guy who goes on a lads holiday must return with no dignity, an outrageous story or ten and a new tattoo.

A tattoo is a bond amongst brothers, a reminder of that mental night down the Ibiza strip when we all saw our mate ‘Smudger’ get chased naked by a girl dressed up as a slutty elephant. I assume that happens to everyone, and not just me, yeah? However, one lad’s Gary Lineker-based tattoo would suggest he’s alone in this one, and there wasn’t a queue of geezers behind him waiting for the same.

It certainly makes a refreshing change from ‘Kavos 2k16’ on the arse cheek. And in fairness, it’s probably a factually accurate statement.

We’d love to know the back story to this! Did he make a similar bet like his idol Lineker did regarding Leicester City’s title chances? Did his mates pay the tattoo artist to do this, when Joe thought he was getting ‘Ladz on tour’? Perhaps it was a chance to make himself famous for five minutes on the world renowned CLICKON Soccer(?)?

Gary Lineker has released a statement on the tattoo:

“That’s why I’ve got the nickname ‘Prawn Cocktail’ – emphasis on the ‘cock’, if you know what I mean.

“I wouldn’t recommend salt and vinegar; she can be a cruel mistress, a real stinger.

“If I’m not seeing the missus for a couple of days, I’ll treat myself to some cheese and onion – but god the smell sticks around for days.”

Gary Lineker

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