WATCH: West Ham fan goes mental after defeat and you’ll bloody love it

Football fans are an entertaining breed, with Arsenal TV a constant reminder of that. However, this West Ham fan is top of the list and could be a walking quote book after West Ham’s elimination from the Europa League. 

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Personal favourite quotes are on Enner Valencia, the opposition, and Jonathan Calleri…

“That Ecuadorian donkey twat!

Bunch of fuckin’ Romanian farmers

He’s supposed to be the next Lionel Messi, when he’s just a white Carlton Cole, he couldn’t finish his dinner”

Bit harsh on big Carlton.

The bloke is also going as red as the interviewer’s top when trying to pronounce the Romanian club, as ‘Astra-fuckin-gu-gu’.

The Hammers fan is also very blunt when speaking about Croatian manager, Bilic.

“Interviewer: did he mean to get knocked out?

Well, if he did, then he’s a twat.”

Seems fair enough, The West Ham boss did achieve a feat that only Aston Villa could replicate…

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The best/most controversial part of the video was when the lad actually advocated for Enner Valencia, to, I quote, ‘fuck off to Syria’.

Although that is probably a bit strong, there is clearly a need for the East London club to sign a striker. The rumours of Wilfred Bony joining the Hammers would be very ideal, whilst I guess Enner should start prepping for a trip to the Middle East.

It is a shame that the London Stadium can now not be used for European nights, guess that didn’t really go to plan for Sullivan and co…

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