Did Joel Campbell make sly dig at Arsenal teammates?

Joel Campbell often resembles a drunken gazelle on the football pitch. However, credit where credit is due, the drunken gazelle comes out the other side with the ball still at his feet somehow. 

The Costa Rican international’s style may well be a little unorthodox, but during an underwhelming campaign last season for the Gunners, Campbell offered a few rare positives.

Nobody was saying that Wenger had unearthed another Thierry Henry, but the attacker certainly looked like he could offer something to the Gunners. However, it clearly isn’t meant to be – this season, at least – with the one-time Villarreal forward joining Sporting Lisbon on loan.

Campbell has revealed the reason why he left the Emirates Stadium:

“I have ambition, I want to play, and I love football. Truth is I don’t feel comfortable not playing every Sunday. I don’t want to settle for less.

“Another person could stay at Arsenal, have a good wage, live in a nice city and not playing, but I prefer to leave comfort aside and fight for my dreams. I want to prove I have what is needed to play the game.

Joel Campbell

So, in a nutshell, the Gunner is basically saying:

“It’s easy to be an overpaid muppet like Theo Walcott, and offer nothing to the team. And all whilst somehow collecting six-figures-a-week.”


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