Dortmund Rejects $14 Million Offer For Christian Pulisic

Borussia Dortmund have rejected a $14 million offer from Liverpool for 17-year-old American star Christian Pulisic, indicating one of two things. He figures into their (quasi) long-term plans or they think he’s worth more money. Either way, Pulisic’s stock is on the rise like a tide that lifts all boats. 

Rumors have surfaced that Pulisic is concerned with his ability to get playing time at Dortmund, a perennial Champions League contender and the second best team in Germany.

However, his father has denied these rumors.

Christian has no interest in leaving the club. He had a good half year last season, and wants to continue to break through.

Mark Pulisic, Christian’s father

The young midfielder signed with Dortmund in 2015 when Jurgen Klopp was in charge of the club – the same Jurgen Klopp that currently manages Liverpool. Klopp’s willingness to extend a real offer for Pulisic speaks volumes about the German manager’s confidence in Pulisic’s abilities.

Liverpool isn’t exactly off to a blazing start this season, sitting on four points after three games. Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City have separated themselves from the pack early, with each team winning all three of its first games.

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I don’t care where Pulisic goes as long as he gets to play. It’s cool to have an American on Dortmund because other countries put respek on that and we need to get our rep up in these streets.

birdman respek

But it’s all for naught if he rides the bench or isn’t happy. By virtue of being the brightest, youngest star at United States men’s national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s disposal, Pulisic has become a de-facto flag bearer for American soccer.

That’s a lot of responsibility for someone who has recently been granted access to R-rated movies without a parent or guardian. To give some context, DeAndre Yedlin, another young American playing in Europe with tremendous upside, is a full six years older than Pulisic.

And Michael Bradley, 29, is six years older than DeAndre Yedlin. So Pulisic is to Yedlin as Yedlin is to Bradley. That is to say a world apart, in terms of age, maturity, and ability to navigate life as a functioning adult.

Shit, Christian isn’t even an adult, according to the US government. He still has to use Marco Reus’ fake ID to buy cigarettes.

Liverpool’s $14 million might be the first real offer to come in for Pulisic but it certainly won’t be the last.

Unless he has peaked at 17 like Lil Bow Wow, Christian Pulisic will find himself starting at a respectable European club by this time next year.

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