WATCH: The moment Slimani was confirmed as a Leicester City player

Islam Slimani bagged 27 league goals last season for Sporting Lisbon, helping the Portuguese side finish second behind Benfica. However, it appears all those fonds memories are over, following the striker’s reaction at the weekend.

The striker scored a goal in his side’s 2-1 victory. However, it appears it will be his final act as a Lisbon player with heavy links to the Champions of England, Leicester City, seemingly true – reportedly in a deal worth £50million with Sporting team-mate, Adrien Silva.

There has been suggestion that the move is even more likely after Sporting have signed two forwards this window…

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 09.34.05

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The striker looks to be a crackin’ purchase for Claudio Ranieri’s side, as they seem to be investing in a player blessed with pace and a final product in front of goal – he’s a passionate chap too. A good combo, if you ask us.

You can’t blame the Algerian for crying though, when you consider what awaits the forward when he touches down in England and arrives at the King Power Stadium.

1) Having to socialise with Jamie Vardy

Vardy WKD
The initiation for all new players joining the Foxes isn’t for the weak. Jamie Vardy, chief of banter, makes new recruits down 24 bottles of blue WKD in one hour. However, that’s not the hardest feat to achieve, with the England international insisting that newbies must say “Chat shit, get banged” at the end of every sentence for a whole week.

2) Deal with the English weather

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 09.54.08
Slimani: “Danny, it’s raining. And people are saying it could possibly snow later, why are you wearing shorts?”
Drinkwater: “It’s August, pal. And this is summer. Lap it up, it won’t be around for long.:

 3) Coming up against some of the Premier League’s more infamous characters


*Shawcross marking Slimani at a corner*

RS: “I went Nando’s for the first time, last night, fella. Bloody lovely stuff. Really great. Got the missus to buy some of that peri-peri seasoning for at home.”

IS: “You do know, that just because I came from a club in Portugal, doesn’t mean I’m Portuguese, right? I’m Algerian”

*cross comes in and so does Shawcross’ elbow*

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