Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere set to star in new ITV2 TV show

There’s a common argument within the English footballing world, that not enough of the Three Lions go abroad to play their trade. However, this is all set to change with Arsenal’s, Jack Wilshere, and Manchester City’s, Joe Hart, making high-profile moves to the European mainland.

Fair play to the England duo for stepping outside their comfort zone, with many backing the pair to be one of the rare success stories of English footballers abroad.

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Not one to miss a marketing trick, ITV2 are currently locked in talks with Hart and Wilshere over a new TV series, which will document the two fellas time away from the Queen’s country.

“You know the guy in a nightclub, who you accidentally knock into – because you, yourself have been knocked – and instead of you both going “Sorry, pal” and laughing it off, he dashes you in the face with his Jack Daniels because he’s all about being a showman, yeah?

“Well, that’s Jack Wilshere; we actually envisage this show becoming more like one of those garbage ‘behind bars abroad’ programmes they put out on Dave.”

ITV2 Spokesman

It’s looking like both Hart and Wilshere will end up in Serie A, with the ‘keeper joining Torino and the Arsenal midfielder on the radar of Juventus.

ITV2 are believed to want to put the British bulldogs up in a hotel in Turin, with cameras on them 24:7, with each week the pair ‘accidentally’ bumping into a star guest.

Wojciech, what are you doing here, son? In this random bar, on a Tuesday, at 3am, in the back streets of Turin? Actually, aren’t Roma playing in a few hours?”


“ITV 2 paid me loads to sack off the game…I mean, small world, bro. Right, lets get some Jägerbombs in!”


The season finale will, of course, centre around the Turin derby. But who will emerge victorious? Who will return to England the ‘winner’? Well, that’s simple, it will all be based around who gets the most votes – that’s how the three points will be awarded, too – by simply tweeting #HartGetsMyHeart or #WilshereDelightForJack or calling 0800 456 345 with calls being charged at £1 plus your usual network rates.

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