WATCH: This isn’t a typo! Striker scores with a somersault!!!

Far too often we see ‘Olympic diving’ grace the beautiful game, with players going down easier than Bambi-on-ice. 

However, a striker for American high school side, Columbine Athletics, has mustered up a memorable goal, diving/ somersaulting over the ‘keeper before calmly finding the net.

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Although it is a combination of classic route-one football, and a complete goalkeeping howler – the tekkers from the forward to athletically dive over the ‘keeper, dismount without falling over, and then finish off the move with a goal, means he should be nominated for the FIFA Puskas award.

Here’s a look back at some other wonderfully acrobatic attempts that left us all bewildered!

1) Diego Costa

The big Chelsea man divides opinion, but can score some absolute belters such as this attempt back in his Atletico Madrid days, a club he admitted he wished he could’ve returned to this summer.

“I wished I could go back to Atletico, I’m not going to lie.

‘I had the chance to go back but I couldn’t, because of a few details. I’m grateful to the people at Atletico, to Cholo [Simeone] especially, who has always put his confidence in me.”

Diego Costa

2) Ronaldinho

You all knew he’d feature in here somewhere! Everyone knows what the Brazilian legend can do, but this peach against Villarreal has to be up there with one of his best.

3) Marco Van Basten

The Dutch master scored some of the most iconic goals we’ve ever seen, and there’s no doubting they will continue to stand the test of time – just like the above goal will.

4) Rivaldo

Lap it up, lap it all up?

5) Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The real reason why Joe Hart buggered off to Italy. Terrified to be potentially face the big Swede again in the Premier League.

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