Chelsea Spend Big To Get David Luiz Back From PSG

Further confirming my suspicions that life is cyclical, Chelsea have agreed to terms with PSG to bring David Luiz back to London. The clubs have settled on a transfer fee of around $45 million, pending Chelsea reaching personal terms with Luiz and him passing a medical.

Funny how soccer works, given that Chelsea sold Luiz to PSG in 2014 for a then-record £50 million, the highest price ever paid for a defender. But when you consider who owns Chelsea and PSG, what’s $50 mil to a motherfucker like them, can you please remind me?

After two years of absolutely destroying Ligue 1 at PSG, Luiz is probably ready to play in competitive league games again. For all intents and purposes, it looks like the Premier League will be a three-horse race this year between Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United. While 3/20 teams contending for the title isn’t exactly the definition of parity, at least Chelsea has two legitimate foes to dispatch before they’re handed the title, unlike PSG, who might as well collect their trophy now.

It’s no mystery why Chelsea was willing to pay big to get Luiz back. His physical presence is an asset to any backline. 6’2 and powerfully built, he’s the kind of center-back that makes forwards think twice about committing to a tackle. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of a 50-50 ball with David Luiz.

Not to say that David Luiz isn’t without his faults. He’s prone to making a boneheaded mistake every now and then, but who isn’t? Chelsea fan “TheNarrator23” gave a pretty spot-on assessment of Luiz’s strengths and weaknesses,

We have to accept that he has his faults defensively, but we’re getting a CB that can start immediatly, has PL experience, knows and loves the club, has a great mentality and is a great for the dressing room spirit. While he’s obviously not the ideal target, if you had told me after the whole Koulibaly debacle we’d end up with David Luiz, I’d be very happy.

Also, Conte has given the OK to get him, so Conte’s confident that he can use Luiz to his potential. I wouldn’t be suprised that he’ll get Luiz to step up defensively.

TheNarrator23, Chelsea fan

In any case, this isn’t the only big money move Chelsea made on Deadline Day, having also splashed out $30 million for left-back Marcos Alonso earlier today.

Shoring up the back line was an important task for Conte. Chelsea finished in 12th place last year and are missing out on the Champions League this year because of it. Spending $75 million on defenders on Deadline Day sounds crazy, but it just might work.

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