Tottenham fans reacting to Moussa Sissoko is the funniest thing you’ll see today

After fifteen years of having Daniel Levy in charge, not many things shock Tottenham fans in the transfer window anymore. ‘Levyball’ is to be as admired as it is ridiculed.

The fact that Mauricio Pochettino spent Deadline Day on holiday summed up the club’s apparent complete lack of interest in improving their squad, but as always, there had to be one late twist.

Surprise isn’t the word to sum up how many Spurs fans will have felt, idly sitting on the sofa chucking away at Everton spending £30million on Moussa Sissoko, only to discover he had his heart set on a move to White Hart Lane.

The tactful thing for any player to do would be to delicately explain the situation to Ronald Koeman. The alternative, of course, would be to just ignore his phone calls and vanish just before he was meant to have a medical. Guess which one the ever-diplomatic Sissoko went for.

Newcastle fans will know that not turning up is something Sissoko is pretty good at; after all, that’s how he spent most of last season, and it’s one of the main reasons the Magpies are now in the Championship.

Tottenham fans aren’t quite so well acquainted with him, but to their disgust, now they’re going to have to get used to this openly Arsenal-loving, all-round bizarre midfielder whose fee seems to be based on the two good games he played at the Euros.

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In fact, he did create more chances last season than Ross Barkley and Wayne Rooney, but it’s safe to say that that hasn’t been enough to win over everyone at his new club, some of whom are actually threatening to kill themselves after he became their joint-record signing.

Cue the horrified reaction from the Lilywhites faithful, who might want to think more carefully next time they insist on the club spending money.

The Suicidal Spurs

Bet he was screaming for Spurs to sign him during Euro 2016

Someone has forgotten Ramon Vega

There’s your punchline, pal!

He may have a point, to be fair

Don’t get a lot for your money nowadays

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