Obama’s vacation with Tiger Woods cost taxpayers over $3.6 mil

The Government Accountability Office reported Wednesday that a golf outing between Tiger Woods and Barack Obama back in 2013, cost the departments of Defense and Homeland Security more than $3.6 million.

Source: Fox Sports
Source: Fox Sports

The report came in via The Washington Times:

“The audit said the costs included operation of Air Force One, at about $200,000 per hour of flight, plus a virtual squadron of “supporting aircraft and U.S. Coast Guard small boats,” as well as per diem and other travel expenses for an unspecified number of Pentagon and Homeland Security personnel required to support the president’s golf weekend.

In all, [President Obama’s] four-day excursion required six additional military transport planes flying eight missions with at least 22 total flight legs, involving 14 commercial airports and Air Force bases ranging from Joint Base McGuire in New Jersey to Dyess Air Force Base in Texas.”

Every time the President goes anywhere, whether that’s a political appearance or golf excursion, he needs to be protected. Plus the POTUS travels privately, so between all of the people and transportation that’s a lot of money, clearly.

It doesn’t seem right that over $3.6 million dollars of tax payers money should go towards a vacation for the President, but it happened and will continue to happen.

The fact that this information is coming out right now does not surprise me either, considering the current election is growing near. Whoever the next President is, Republican or Democratic, I don’t doubt for a second that they will use our money towards similar endeavors.



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