Zenit St. Petersburg Receives $7.6 Million Dollar Offer From Burger King To Change Name

Zenit St. Petersburg has received a $7.6 million offer from Burger King to change their name to Zenit Burger King. I’m not kidding, at least if the man on Twitter with a check mark next to his name is to be believed.

I would be remiss not to include the top reply to this viral tweet:

The aptly named “Andy Ha” makes a valid point. Zenit St. Petersburger King is a pun that makes itself.

I’m pretty sure this is offer is a genius bit of PR on Burger King’s part and they have no intention of following through, but $7.6 million ain’t shit to Burger King, so who knows. I do know that as Russian soccer teams go, Zenit St. Petersburg is legit.

They’ve qualified for the Round of 16 in the Champions League three of the past five years. Given that, $7.6 million is not enough to justify changing the name of your 90-year-old club to anything that includes “Burger King.”

But if it were true, here are the top 5 clubs that might follow suit:

  1. KFC Barcelona (credit: Cheapo_Sam)

  2. McDortmund (credit: backside_94)

  3. Tottenham HotPockets (credit: Dannage888)

  4. Dairy Queen’s Park Rangers (credit: SanguisFluens)

  5. Chick-Fil-AC Milan (credit: FC Polystyrene)

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