WATCH: Neymar mauled by adoring fans at Brazil training session

Fresh from  being the golden boy of Brazil’s successful Olympic campaign, Neymar, was ambushed by fans as the national side held an open training session at the Maracana stadium. 

You would think that security would have been increased for the session following the Brazilian Olympic triumph, as 15,000 fans arrived for the training event. What was more amusing, though, was watching the Dani Alvez lookalike completely out-run almost a dozen security guards?.


However, it was a good job the Barca man was not in one of his odd moods, in light of the no. 10’s angry reaction to a fan following Brazil’s Gold medal campaign.

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We’re still not quite sure why Neymar was so pissed off. Makes you wonder what would happen if Brazil won the bloody World Cup?!

Surprisingly, the Green and Yellows are out of the automatic qualification place for the 2018 Russian tournament. The ‘Little Canary’s’ face Colombia on Tuesday, in need of three points to get back into the top four guaranteed qualifications spots, in an attempt to amend that humiliating 7-1 defeat to Germany on home soil.

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Neymar isn’t alone, though, as there seems to be a running theme of pitch invasions in South America for the World Cup qualifiers. Naturally, Lionel Messi had an adoring fan bow down to him following the captain’s return from retirement and winner against Uruguay, last week.

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To be fair, none of these pitch invaders trump the world’s happiest dog who decided to interrupt a South America club match between, Mexico’s Pumas and Venezuela’s, Deportivo Tachira, and in the process became an internet sensation.

What is it with South Americans?! Who could also forget the time Luis Suarez was at Liverpool, and the hilarious moment a crazy Reds fan decided to bow down to the former Reds striker, and then proceed to do all sorts of funny sexual signs ?.

Before signing off, we can’t also leave out Sergio Aguero, who took a photo of a fan with his idol Lionel Messi. These South American lads seem like a very good bunch el chapos…

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