The Chinese Super League best XI would do alright the Premier League

First it was America, then there was a few excursions to Australia, the Middle East and now, the place where footballers can make even more amounts of obscene money, than anyone deserves, is China.

It has certainly picked up pace the last 12 months or so, however, players have been looking for that final payday in the Chinese Super League since 2012 when Yakubu rocked up over there.

We can all be cynical about it, but money talks and it’s hard to argue, hypothetically, that were we offered gazillions of pounds a year, that we’d say “no” in order to remain in a more competitive and respected league.

The Chinese footballing map is now reminiscent of a Football Manager save, when you go crazy on the free agents list after four seasons in charge, because they’re ‘names’ you know.

Be prepared for a makeshift kind of 3-2-the rest of you go have fun, kinda formation…

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