North Korea demand Australian golfers come back and apologize for insult

Uh-oh. Pyongyang is none too happy with the duo of Australian golfers who bluffed their way into the Hermit Kingdom’s national open—an event only modestly less prestigious than the U.S. and British variants.

Kim Jong-un and his cronies in our favourite East Asian totalitarian state have taken a break from threatening a missile spectacle to taunt the new U.S. president on Election Day to demand a public apology from the Brisbane buddies.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay have received word from the travel agent who facilitated their North Korean sojourn that the country wants the pair to return to make amends. And in grand fashion, no less.

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Per the Courier Mail, Ruig and Shay have been asked to make an apology on live television (which apparently they do have in North Korea).

“We won’t be doing that any time soon,” Ruig told the Courier Mail. “Years of hard labour in a North Korean prison doesn’t exactly appeal.”

Indeed. But really, shouldn’t this be a “Fool me once, shame on me” type of situation?  

And can’t Dennis Rodman smooth things over?

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