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This was the first professional win of Rocky Thompson’s career.

This is the story of a man who had one simple dream, to win a professional golf tournament and be “The Man” for a day. Born in 1939, it soon became clear that Hugh Delane “Rocky” Thompson was never going to take the PGA TOUR by storm.

In a career that spanned 28 years he never won on the greatest stage. He was the average Joe, the everyman, an embodiment of tenacity that’s missing from the modern world. He never gave up. Rocky played in 224 tournaments between 1964 and 1992, missing the cut 57 times and finishing inside the top 10 on ten occasions.

He was a “regular” player in just five of these seasons, grinding out a career that saw him earn $137,227 for his 28 years of loyal service. How was Rocky rewarded for never giving up? He was thrown a lifeline – like many before him – and given a chance on the Senior Tour.

The Champions Tour provided him with the opportunity to fulfil his wildest dreams. Here he could ply his trade, undistracted by winner’s fatigue.

“Rocky” spent 20 years on the Champions Tour, retiring in 2008. He went on to win again, becoming “The Man” three times during his 44 year career – that’s 730 events btw!!

What can we learn from this? We can’t all be McIlroy, Spieth, or any of those genetically blessed superstars, but we can all be “The Man.” This pervasive term isn’t exclusive to the world’s best, as hackneyed and tired as this sounds, it’s universally available

Rocky is a lesson to us all, I mean the man even became the Mayor of Toco, a Texan city of just 89 people.

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