WATCH: Zlatan Ibrahimovic catches out Manchester United fans

Four games into the Premier League, and we’ve already got the biggest game of the season: Manchester United versus Manchester City, Pep Guardiola versus Jose Mourinho,  and Zlatan Ibrahimovic versus Sergio Aguero…oh wait.

Sadly, only one of the box-office strikers who will feature on Saturday, and the big Swede was out and about fooling some ‘fans’ this week ahead of the derby.

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Zlatan’s lookalike managed to turn a few heads in Manchester, but, to be honest, the best thing about the video was the woman’s laugh right at the start – what a chortle.

The lad, Jack, mirrors some traits of the giant Swede: hair, tats, height, and what can only be described as pubes on his chin. And to be fair, Zlatan’s doppelgänger has done a good job convincing people outside Old Trafford he is the real deal – if he had come down to London, where the real Red Devils fans are, we doubt he would’ve had as much success.

Zlatan lookaline

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The lad’s hooter just isn’t big enough ??.

We think Bulgarian investigative journalist, Hristo Hristov, is closer to the Man United no. 9 than the Mancunian.

Ibra lookalike

Or even an old-school Zlatan, and Australian swimmer, Ian Thorpe, is pretty spot on.

Ian Thorpe

We don’t think Mr Thorpe would be too happy with the comparison, though.

It’s clearly joke week for the iconic striker, with impressionist, Al Foran, prank calling former United defender, David May’s mate on MUTV.

Bit of back story, the lad on the other line owns a suit-shop, and ‘Zlatan’ (Foran), was asking to launch Ibrahimovic’s new A-Z clothing brand in his shop.

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The poor bloke thought he was getting the deal of his life?.

We’ll leave you with Foran’s best impression, which was absolutely nailing ex-United boss, Louis Van-Sex-Addict-Gaal.

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