Liverpool are bigger than Manchester United in London

Liverpool FC supporters pubs in London far outnumber those for Manchester United by a massive 14-1, according to a new map by MatchPint, casting further doubt on the idea that the capital is packed with fans of the Red Devils.

MatchPint have been digging to try and find fan pubs in London for every Premier League team, venues that are frequented by a certain sets of fans, and the results were surprising. Arsenal, followed by Spurs, have the most fan pubs, whilst Liverpool came in fourth. Manchester United, however, had just one bar confirmed where fans regularly congregate to watch games together, whilst Southampton and Burnley fans don’t currently have anywhere in The Old Smoke they call home.

Mark Weston, head of sports fans at MatchPint said, “As a company we are constantly asked for recommendations of the best supporter’s pubs for a certain team – places where fans can go to watch the game with a good chance of being surrounded by a few fellow devotees. To help answer this, we decided tocreate an interactive map, showing fans of any Premier League side where they can head to watch their team play on TV with some fellow fans in London.”

In the process of researching the map MatchPint found some surprising data, notably that, of teams from outside the capital, Liverpool fans in London seem to be by far the most organised when it comes to meeting together for games in the pub.

“Liverpool FC is a truly global team and London is a real melting pot of people from all over”, said Hans Soky, treasurer of Official Liverpool Supporters Club – London Branch. “Pub culture is a huge part of British life and so we get inundated with requests from all sorts of people – Liverpudlians in exile down here, as well as travellers from every corner of the globe – on advice regarding where to watch the game in a great environment with fellow fans. That passion and unity, which Liverpool supporters from all over the world have, is reflected in the amount of great Liverpool pubs, filled with Reds, there are in London.”

“Liverpool’s support in London is considerable, something shown by the amount of great bars supporters call home here. As home to the Official London Supporter’s Group we’re lucky to welcome huge amounts of fans every time they’re playing on TV, they’re like a real family and we genuinely look forward to seeing each one of them every week for the game.” said Lauren Barrett, manager at the Roxy Bar and Screen. “The atmosphere they create at the Roxy is cracking!”


MatchPint discovered all this when researching their map. They started out by asking for suggestions of popular fan venues for each team in the top flight. The app company then took these crowd sourced answers, researched which ones were correct and up to date, before consulting and cross verifying their findings with at least one supporter’s group, online forum or fan’s trust, to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

On the map there are a mixture of bars – some are designated official supporter’s pubs, some have a landlord who’s a big fan of a certain side whilst some are simply well known places where fans congregate to watch games on TV or stop off for a pre/post match pint. All, however, will hopefully help fans enjoy a drink in with a few of their own when in London.

The full findings can be viewed in the interactive London Supporters Pub Map here and further information on how MatchPint curated it, can be accessed here.

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