WATCH: Smylie’s Army’s epic Mannequin Challenge

If you aren’t familiar with the Twitter account and associated collective, Smylie’s Army, I ask you: What do you think a group of dedicated fans of the SB2K16 fans do? Drink Natty Light and root for Smylie?


Smylie Kaufman reposted this video of the Army getting in on the latest viral craze: the Mannequin Challenge, which is (you guessed it), adolescents posing like mannequins for the purposes of social media glory. Even Hillary Clinton’s doing it!

Our team of crack researches is doing extensive video forensics, and we don’t think Smylie himself is in the video. Although the possibility that SK is in the Harambe costume can’t be ruled out. Indeed, it can never be ruled out, given the LSU alum’s affection for the departed primate, signified here by the custom stamp job on his Cleveland wedge.

Per Smyle Kaufman/Snapchat

Long live the tour’s bro king, and may he reign forever from his beer throne. Here’s the smiley one in the photo that accompanied his official Natural Light (the official beer of quarter draft night at a bar near your) sponsorship announcement last August.

(Source/Smylie Kaufman/Twitter)
(Source/Smylie Kaufman/Twitter)

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