Make golf great again: “Presenting Beer Pong Golf”

To quote the great Judge Smails: “Do you know what gophers can do to a golf course?” Well how about a pair of duffers whacking pills into pitchers of pilsner?

Putting concerns about alcohol irrigation aside, behold the latest effort from the Celebrities in Golf Carts YouTube channel, in which Kevin from The Office (Brian Baumgartner) stops by for a game of what they’re calling “Beer Golf.” But really, all golf not played at a professional level (and perhaps some that is) is “beer golf.” So the more precise nomenclature for the game: Beer Pong Golf.

With pitch shots struck with the level of precision suggesting they’d already imbibed several pitchers, these two wage beery battle.

Smurf-goggled European Tour commissioner, Keith Pelley recently floated the idea of a night golf tournament. Perhaps someone should alert him to the glory of Beer Golf.
Miguel Angel-Jimenez, who may opt for pitchers of Cabernet, battling Rory McIlroy (whose own penchant is for Jagermeister), I’d tune in for that ahead of, say, the Fiji International.   

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