Only Manchester City can call Manchester their home

Only City fans have the right to call Manchester home, research from social betting app EveryFan has found.

On average, match-going City fans travel just 29 miles to get to home games, while United fans travel 73 miles to get to Old Trafford – that’s further than the distance from the Theatre of Dreams to Nottingham or Derby, and just three miles shy of Walsall. 

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A whopping 43 percent of Etihad Stadium attendees live within 20 miles of where Sergio Aguero & co. ply their trade, with just 27 percent of Red Devils living in that remit. 

Research of more than 2,000 Premier League fans also found that 32 per cent of match day United supporters named Manchester their local city, compared with 43 percent of Citizens.

“Chants of ‘you only live around the corner’ follow Manchester United fans wherever they go, but our research shows that’s not the case in their home city.

“On average United fans have to travel more than double the distance of their rivals City to get to home games, proving that it’s really those sky blue fans that can call Manchester their home.”

Leon Walters, CEO of EveryFan

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