BREAKING: Captain America Set To Save Galaxy

Ethan Tait

At 32 years old, I couldn’t believe Landon Donovan was ready to retire. The superhero of my youth, the King of dos a cero, and the best player to put on the US jersey (thus far…Christian Pulisic?) was hanging up his boots for the last time?

I didn’t know what to think, where to turn, or how to cope, and I still wasn’t legal to drink at the time.

It was shocking and so sudden, like finding out that it wasn’t the Tooth Fairy throwing glitter around your room or realizing Wenger actually spent some money in the transfer window.

Footy wasn’t ready for Landon Donovan to leave yet. There was still something left in tank.

Fast forward 18 months and the LA Galaxy find themselves in the thick of the playoff race in the Western Conference, but are struggling to find their form.

I consider last night’s draw to be a loss for the Galaxy. RSL clawed back into the game, overcoming a 3-1 deficit and scored in second half stoppage time to steal a point.

There was only so much Gio dos Santos could do.

Without Gyasi Zardes and Steven Gerrard out injured, Robbie Keane figuring out how to keep himself from falling apart, and Nigel de Jong thankfully in Turkey, the pickings are slim for the Galaxy up top and in the midfield.

But who could come into the side that can make a difference and provide that star power that Galaxy has been missing in their starting XI lately?

3 words.


Captain America is prepared to come out of retirement to help the Galaxy in their time of need and lead them to glory once again.

Retirement isn’t for everyone.

Michael Jordan couldn’t do it and he came back.

Michael Phelps did it, went to rehab, and then killed it at the Olympics.

Money Mayweather fought De la Hoya and then went out, only to return to kick Pacquiao’s ass a couple more times, and then retire for good.

Paul Scholes is always class, so his small retirement doesn’t count.

But let’s watch some highlights from the English pass master.

Donovan has the opportunity to come out of retirement, to ball the fuck out, to win another MLS Cup, and remind everyone why he is the greatest American footballer of all time.

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