Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have fallen out again

Ben Mountain

Despite his vast stature and respected standing in the game,  Arsene Wenger isn’t without his flaws. Along with historically tight pockets and his eternal ‘err’-ing, it turns out he is also a very, very petty man.

At a recent Uefa coaches’ conference; the experienced Frenchman decided, like a stroppy child, he would refuse to be seated with Manchester United gaffer, Jose Mourinho. Reports state when asked by Mourinho for a seat near him, Wenger said “No, it isn’t possible.” The ‘Special One’ was therefore left red-faced (and in reality more of a ‘seat-less one’) after Wenger’s antics last week… We can only assume ol’ Arsene was saving a buddies space.

However, rumour has it Mourinho plans to get his long-standing enemy back by not inviting him to his birthday party. Low blow, Jose.

Whatever he does, the latest move in this trivial scrap that is the (now annual) Wenger vs Mourinho grudge match will no doubt send your Twitter feeds into streams of “specialist in failure” quotes and for that we’re sorry. But it is borderline unbelievable that such a respected and revered man like Wenger is willing to stoop to such lows in order to get one over on his adjacent dug-out. It doesn’t bode well for Arsenal’s tactics this season, with raspberry-blowing and your mum jokes surely being the top of Wenger’s whiteboard. And, who knows – we may even see Wenger drop the school boy classic by ‘pants-ing’ Mourinho should things really heat up. Move over, Lineker.

“Your mum’s so fat…”

Previous spats include touchline grapples, as well as so-called ‘mind games’ – including Wenger suggesting the now-Manchester United boss is “afraid of failure”. However, with the Gunners facing the Red Devils in just over two months, it seems the managerial rivalry has been reignited by that petty move.

Whether Wenger was just being childish, tactical, or Mourinho really didn’t smell great; we’ll leave to you. Although to decide, we won’t include a poll. We know what you’re like, Gooners…

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