Keegan Bradley’s fiance had a wild bachelorette party in Vegas

Keegan Bradley’s fiance, Jillian Stacey, is preparing for a lifetime with the professional golfer by partying it up in Las Vegas.

Clad in bride shirts all weekend, it looked like Stacey had a blast celebrating her last moments as a single woman.

Doing bachelorette activities #jillslastthrill #jillysbasicbach #turndownforjilly #vegasvegasvegas

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The best was when she went out to rage with her girlfriends and brought out some Keegan fat heads to join the party. Obviously she chose the most flattering picture of the pro to show the world this is who she’s marrying.

Look who came along for the ride ?????#Jillslastthrill #jillysbasicbach

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Her hashtag for the weekend was quite comical as well: #Jillslastthrill was added to each of her pics. She was surrounded by good friends and good times.

Sorry, you’re stuck with me! ?? #jillslastthrill #plannerextraordinaire #ispywithmylittleeye #postsonposts

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Love these girls! ❤️ #jillslastthrill

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Maybe after this she’ll take a trip back with Keegan and make a sweet music video like DJ and Paulina did *hint hint*.

They’re wedding is in December. Just in time to get back to Vegas for new years! We’re waiting..

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