Phoenix1 Stunt Has Provided A Heart-Warming Story For The NA LCS Spring Split

Ahead of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, few League of Legends fans knew the name of William “Stunt” Chen. Yet, since his appearance midway through the split, the support has proved he is someone to pay attention to moving forward. After a brief stint with Team Dignitas, Stunt has found a new home with Phoenix1, thriving alongside Korean AD Carry star, No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon – he now has the potential to develop into one of the best supports in North America.

Outside of Team Liquid fans, few people could have told you who Stunt was at the beginning of the season. Aside from one game in the LCS as a substitute for Echo Fox (when the full Ember roster was essentially subbing for them), he had very little on-stage experience heading into the split.

The former support for Team Liquid Academy, Stunt had stepped up in the wake of Matt “Matt” Elento’s promotion from TLA to the main Team Liquid roster. Playing alongside TLA AD Carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin, Stunt proved a capable lane partner for the former world champion. Yet after their 3-2 loss to Echo Fox in the Promotion Tournament, Stunt once again faded back into obscurity in the off-season.

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After a quiet off-season, those paying close attention would have been surprised to find Stunt’s name listed on the Riot Games’ global contract database, as a member of Team Dignitas’s newly formed roster. Whatever the original intentions may have been, things quickly changed as Team Dignitas endured a rough start to their season and the play of starting support Alex “Xpecial” Chu was called into question.

Making his debut almost halfway through the season, Stunt would help guide Team Dignitas to a clean 2-0 series victory over Team EnVyUs in his first piece of NA LCS action as a member of DIG. Although his performances on stage were not lacking, he would only play one more game for Team Dignitas before Xpecial regained control of the starting position.

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When Phoenix1 experienced internal issues that were severely impacting their team environment (exemplified by the now infamous “jungler with a brain” interview), it was decided the team would part ways with starting support Adrian “Adrian” Ma.

For his replacement, Phoenix1 turned to a support with possibly the highest ceiling that was not currently starting on an LCS roster. Stunt immediately gelled with starting ADC No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon, and Phoenix1, compiling an 8-1 match record with the team to end the season, leading the every other LCS player for kill participation stats, at almost 81%.

With Stunt, Phoenix1 possesses a diamond in the rough. His champion pool is extremely flexible, playing six different champions over the nine games with Phoenix1 during the regular season, whilst his laning phase with Arrow has proven to be a dominant combination, one that has helped propel Arrow towards the top of the MVP conversation. Stunt serves as a significant upgrade to the team environment over Adrian, with an infectiously optimistic attitude and persona that is very easy to see both on and off stage.

With a number of teams in the NA LCS struggling to find stability at the support position – namely Team Liquid and Echo Fox – Phoenix1 have proven they made an excellent decision when they decided to acquire Stunt from Team Dignitas. The opportunity for the former Team Dignitas man to clean sweep his former roster as Phoenix1 advanced to the playoffs semifinal, was just reward after a turbulent split for Stunt.

With less than a full split to his name, Stunt will likely only continue to improve with more stage experience and time in an LCS environment; whether he can be a top support in NA will become clearer throughout the Summer Split. As shown in his kill participation statistics, Stunt is already an impact player for Phoenix1 and is projected to get better and better.

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