New Guinness world record for Football Manager set

Football Manager is the best game to ever grace planet Earth. I’m sorry, it trumps FIFA every day of the week. From being able to have total control of transfers, the players, the tactics, of any team as well, just makes it the ultimate game. 

I will put my hands up, and admit, I try and avoid it. Why? Because otherwise I will lose any any form of social life or, just life in general… it’s that addictive.

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Anyway, that’s not what happened to Liverpool fan, Darren, with Mr Bland spending 173 days, 16 hours and 51 minutes in real life, which is the equivalent of, 2010 to 2163, on Football Manager.

In the process, Mr Bland, took ACF Fiorentina to 151 Serie A titles. Jesus Christ, have a day off, pal!


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The old boy managed to grow a bloody top beard along the way though, and couldn’t even stop playing the game as he picked up his award from the Guinness World Records.

The Football Manager addict has been quoted as saying the following…

“Why abandon all the hard work just for some computer algorithm to muck it all up while I have to start the process all over?

I chose Fiorentina because a) My all time favourite player had a mediocre season with them – the genius, the doctor, the bearded lord of the nonchalant style, Socrates from the wonderful 1982 Brazil team. And b) They play in purple … Not a bad colour to look at for 154 years. If it’s good enough for Prince….”

Darren Bland

Fair enough. I’d also dedicate over a whole six months of my life to a colour ?.

Literally, did the chap have any pals over half a year? He can’t have left his bloody bedroom for the whole time.

Still, each to their own. Well played, mate.

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