You won’t believe how a pro golfer sustained this injury

On the heels of a season in which he went down the figurative rabbit hole of losing his game and European Tour card, Eddie Pepperell literally injured his heel in a run in with a rabbit hole.

During his bid to wrap up a card for 2017 at Q-School in Catalunya, the 25-year-old admitted to slipping into a hope and “coming off second best in an accident with his club.”

“I fell down a hole and had a bit of an accident with my club in the process,” Pepperell told BBC radio.. “My ankle came off a little bit worse for wear. “Thankfully the physio did a good job bandaging it up and we battled through the pain.”

What could this possibly have looked like? A stumble, flailing arms, accidentally whacking himself with a wedge? Ever been screwing around and smack yourself in the ankle bone with a club? Bamboo shoots under the nails would be more pleasant.

And speaking of unpleasant, Pepperell tweeted this photo of his afflicted (and infected) ankle.

Poor bastard.

Fortunately, the Englishman was able to avoid another figurative rabbit hole, playing through the pain and finishing fifth to earn his card for the upcoming season.

While we’re talking about injuries, take a look back at all of the gruesome injuries Tiger Woods has sustained over the years:

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