Football’s 7 Most Metrosexual Men

Ethan Tait

Football was once seen as a gentleman’s game played by beasts, but the infiltration of metrosexuality, diving, and softness amongst players has transformed the game completely.

Underwear and beauty product advertisements involving the world’s best footballers have contributed to football diverging from hard tackles, confrontation, and grit.

Personally, I have no room to speak on the subject. Without the paradigm shift in the world of football, I would be seen as an outcast. Doing my eyebrows, getting far too many haircuts, and shaving all body hair would be far stranger without the influence of the metrosexual men of football.

For that, I salute every single one of you.

Here is a list of the most metrosexual men in football (in recent memory) and those that have shifted the views of the outside world on the average pro footballer.

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