Cristiano Ronaldo has gone in hard on Barcelona legend Xavi

Haha Cristiano Ronaldo is an absolute hero; a refreshing change in a time of recited cliches and public relations overload.

In the Real Madrid’s superstar latest spat with everyone and everything involved with Barcelona, it’s former Barca midfielder, Xavi, in the firing line:

“I’m the most searched player on the internet. Anyone who wants free publicity or media attention talks about me.

“I couldn’t care less what Xavi says about me, he plays in Qatar or I don’t even know where.”


Of course, the Portuguese icon was returning fire on comments from the Al Sadd SC player, when he suggested that Lionel Messi is the world’s greatest player and could save a burning school with a simple nutmeg (or something along those lines).

“Only a fool could have played football and not recognise Cristiano is an elite footballer, but he just has had bad luck to be around at the same time as Leo.

“The only people who draw comparisons with the two are in Madrid.”



We aren’t here to further debate the inane discussions over whether CR7 or Leo is the world’s best ever player – it’s Ronaldo – but we are here to just commend the former Manchester United man for not being a melt who toes the line.

Ronaldo is clearly a very self-aware chap, and has no time for insincere platitudes. Xavi, on the other hand – and every player linked with Barcelona – are programmed, prepped and then have the batteries changed in the La Masia lab, before any public appearance.

If Xavi was a Real Madrid icon, he would be acting like the proud dad of Cristiano Ronaldo; he’s just a mouthpiece, like they all are at the Nou Camp.

Never change, CR7.

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