Rory McIlroy restores our faith in humanity with this small gesture

Liam Griffin

After hearing that a young fan caught a ball that Rory McIlroy threw into the stands for making an eagle at the Tour Championship, McIlroy went the extra mile and followed up!

It’s always good to hear kind words coming from players on Tour, especially from superstars like McIlroy. Although the letter isn’t particularly long or personal, it’s still good that he took the time to seek the fan out and thank him for his support.

Even better, McIlroy uses this letter as on opportunity to teach the young man a (weirdly generic) life lesson. Rory wants young people to do well in life! While his verbiage might be a little strange, at least his heart is in the right place. Even if he did use this as a bit of an opportunity to boost his brand.

Given how often we see spectators getting clocked with stray shots, it’s nice to see that this young fan had a positive experience and then some! Golf needs more down-to-Earth stories like this if it hopes to attract and retain its young fans.

Finally Rory showed his lighter side, in a year filled with complaining.

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