Neymar set for a surprising – yet amusing – career change

When you read that Neymar is in the charts, you’d obviously assume people were talking about such things as ‘top goalscorers’, ‘best players in the world’ or ‘footballers who have had the worst haircuts’. However, the Barcelona superstar could very well be cropping up in the top 10 of music charts, soon!

Quick translation for you…

“This Wednesday I begin my music career and I’m going to release my first song on Facebook.

“We will have ‘Neymusico’ Share it.”


As we all keep our eyes peeled on the former Santos player’s Facebook page, we had a little think about what sort of song Neymar would release…

Freestyler by Bomfunk MC

A born entertainer, a ‘showboater’ and a trickster who does stuff with a football that doesn’t even have a name yet.

Duet with Ronaldinho

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! Yes, this is real. This is Ronaldinho, the footballing legend, dropping some sick #vibez down in the music industry.

Would be great to see the two pin-up boys of Brazilian football do a duet – similar to that of Elton John and Kiki Dee.

World In Motion by New Order (ft. John Barnes)

We’d recommend Neymar go down the John Barnes route, so that when his footballing career is over, and the money has dried up, he can still make ends meat at birthday parties and town hall openings.

The Rasmus – In The Shadows

At international level, Neymar is in the shadow of Pele; at club level, he’s got to somehow oust Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

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