Move Over Swanson, the Caddyshack Boat is for Sale

Interested in owning a nautical piece of sports movie history? Well, today is your lucky day because Rodney Dangerfield’s vessel Seafood from the movie Caddyshack is for sale in Maryland. 


The price tag for the 1979 Striker rises above my pay grade at $129,000 dollars. However, if someone has the coin, the boat…excuse me yacht, is a pretty awesome rig. The boat is 60′ and comes with master and guest cabins, not to mention a common galley. The listing out of Annapolis admits some TLC is needed but if I know anything about boats, they always need work.

The listing also fails to mention what exactly is wrong with the boat so if you buy the boat best of luck to you. Maybe if my dad, an avid fisherman and boater, reads this, he can take a swing at it. If he does, I hope he fares better than these guys:

As evidenced from the video, this Striker sits about as close as you can get to an aquatic tank. Plus, when the course boots you for acting like the guys in Caddyshack, you can take the party onto the high seas!

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