Did you spot the Stadium of Light ghost that appeared live on MNF?

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? 

David Moyes, that’s who – the Sunderland manager’s face for that cringeworthy walk-to-camera for Sky Sports would scare the living daylights out of anything and anyone.

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During the Monday Night Football post-match analysis, a few eagle-eyed viewers spotted what appears to be a ghost behind, first, Jamie Carragher, and, secondly, Phil Neville.

However, and this will be no surprise to the loyal Black Cats fans, the paranormal activity goings on were not the scariest things to go on inside the Mackems stadium, last night. Sunderland’s non-existent defending for all three of big Romelu Lukaku’s goals was a sight for sore eyes, and would’ve struck fear into defensive coaches all over the world.

The sighting of last night’s ‘ghost’ isn’t the first time there’s be some weird goings on during a game of football. Check it out some of the other freaky ghost-related things that have scared the living daylights out of soccer fans, before!

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