Pogba needs to stop hiding behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes

Paul Pogba has been blasted in the media following the Manchester Derby, and rightly so. The Frenchman made a bigger dent in Ed Woodward’s wallet, than Donald Trump on American sanity, and still failed to make any form of impression on the game. 

The centre-midfielder’s zero impact on the 90 minutes, has led to pundits such as Jamie Carragher tearing him a new one over on Sky Sports…

“He was like a kid in the schoolyard, running where he wants and doing what he wants. I felt so sorry for Marouane Fellaini. The space in the centre of that pitch and he was left on his own by Pogba.

“He’s either got it wrong or Jose Mourinho’s given him licence to get forward.”

Jamie Carragher

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Few things here, 1) playing that free role in the schoolyard was just about everyone’s highlight from their childhood, 2) who in their right mind feels sorry for Marouane Fellaini?! but, more importantly, 3) Mourinho clearly gave the Frenchman licence in the second-half, with Ander Herrera dropping deep, Pogba just failed to have any affect.

So, as harsh as the Sky pundit’s words are – the tough criticism the 23-year-old has faced, is totally justified. The United man had no positional discipline, and he does not have the credentials to swag around the pitch like Jason Statham in a Guy Ritchie movie.

I Am Zlatan, has come to the defence for his United teammate…

 “All the jealous people who talk about him will swallow all of the words they have said about him… My relationship with Paul is easy: I speak, he listens.

Paul is a player with a lot of talent. Now, you have to be realistic, people are putting a lot of pressure on Paul. His transfer created a huge amount of buzz.

“I can tell you he’s someone who works enormously. He really wants to improve and he has a super attitude. But you mustn’t forget he’s young. That’s all I can say.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Talking about money and transfer fees is almost irrelevant in today’s market. However, given that the Frenchman is the most expensive player in the world, it means he cannot hide from the fact that people always will discuss the £89million fee.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo expect a player such as Raul at Real Madrid to defend him like some overprotective brother in the Spanish capital?!


Ronaldo let his performances on the pitch do the talking. Zinedine Zidane did exactly the same when the midfielder was the most expensive footballer. And Gareth Bale; the Welshman has come in for some stick in his time at the Bernabeu, but still made a telling contribution, scoring 22 goals in 44 appearances in his first season, and helped Los Blancos win La Decima and the Copa del Rey.

Pogba needs to follow in these superstars footsteps. Yes, it is early days, but the impact should be from the off, proving the doubters wrong that he can do what he did in Serie A, in England; and not rely on the great Zlatan to come to his need in the media.

Whilst you’re also at it, Paul, concentrate more on your football than your Instagram account…

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