WATCH: Matthew McConaughey goes back to college

Matthew McConaughey spends a lot of time around vehicles these days. Earlier this week he took a break from Lincoln commercials to promote the University of Texas’s new SURE walk program.

McConaughey drove a golf cart around campus bringing students to and from studying. Students reacted as you would expect to seeing a celebrity and University of Texas alum.

The University of Texas Student Government made the video above to promote the new campus service, rolled out just before finals and winter break.

My favorite reaction is the blond girl at 0:32 seconds. She seems genuinely excited to see the actor but also flat out against this level of nonsense after a long day of studying. I think this is a great idea, because driving golf carts on campus is a blast, plus, student transportation around campus is usually sub par. The University of Texas is trying to turn that tide and get students home safely.

UT student government also released a picture of Mcconaughey behind the wheel of the cart.


Alright, alright, alright.

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