An open letter to Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud

Dear Olivier Giroud

Why do you insist on acting like an absolute muppet?

You’re a grown man of almost 30, France’s no.9, and yet you possess the attitude of a petulant child.

Was it the boos from the Paris Saint-Germain faithful when you came on? The same set of fans, that in the summer were singing your name as Les Bleus made the Euro 2016 Final, did that upset you?

Did that hurt your feelings? Did you feel like you didn’t deserve that?

But instead of going ‘I’m an adult, a professional footballer, this is expected and I’ll silence them’, you went:

“How dare they?! I’m Olivier Giroud. I’m gorgeous. I’ve scored hundreds of goals. I’ve scored against Bayern Munich. So fuck the lot of ’em.”

The lack of respect you get from Arsenal fans – and those outside of the Emirates Stadium – is unfair, I get that. But shithousery such as last night’s red card against Paris Saint-Germain won’t help, you absolute bellend.

Sure, the sending off was totally wrong…

…but if you weren’t going to go for that, you were going to be having an early bath for something.

You came onto the Parc des Princes pitch already looking to be a total liability – that ridiculously late challenge on Angel di Maria, what an earth were you looking to achieve? To injure the former Manchester United winger? To hopefully get away with a naughty little stamp? Because there wasn’t a hope in hell you were going to get that ball.

Two seasons in a row, now, you’ve been sent off in Arsenal’s Champions League group game opener. Why do you insist on being a fucking melt? Why do you insist on jeopardising your teammates?

For all your underrated link-up and hold-up play, for your 82 goals in 190 appearances in all competitions for Arsenal, its undone by your inability to take umbrage with every little thing that you deem to be unfair. That’s why people label you one of Arsenal’s worst ever strikers, despite the fact you’re on course to have a better goals to game ratio than the club’s greatest ever player, Dennis Bergkamp.

You aren’t as bad as people say you are – nowhere near it – but you aren’t as good as you think you are.

Your self-entitlement and arrogance is costing you the praise you actually deserve, but you won’t change.

Yours sincerely,

Every frustrated Gooner who watch the debacle of a performance against PSG

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