Wayne and Coleen Rooney set replace Mary Berry on the Great British Bake Off

The United Kingdom public were struggling to come to terms with the fact that a true national treasure, The Great British Bake Off, was no longer going to be a BBC production, but a Channel 4 one, instead. When they were hit with even more devastating news…Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins would not be moving with the show to its new home.

Social media and family homes turned into utter chaos, through fears of what would happen to the format of the much-loved show. And grave concerns over whether Mary Berry, everyone’s dream woman, would remain with GBBO – it has now been confirmed that the delightful MB will no longer remain with the show out of loyalty to the BBC (how very Jamie Vardy).

Channel 4 have already earmarked the replacements for Mel and Sue, though, with rumours on social media suggesting that Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, and wife, Coleen, will be filling in the ‘unfillable’ shoes.

We managed to catch up with the England international, this morning, as he left Greggs munching a sausage roll, and despite being showered in crumbs, we got a few words from Wayne:

“This may surprise you, but I’m a bit of a foodie; I know my lean footballing physique may suggest to you I eat nothing but chicken and vegetables. However, I’ve been known to eat one of those Millie’s birthday cake cookies to myself – it wasn’t anyone’s birthday, I just fancied a snack.”

Tucking into his sausage and bean melt – the two sausage rolls were now history – as we chatted, Rooney revealed:

“I’m a huge fan of Great British Bake Off. All us Rooneys are.

“Was gutted to hear that Barry and Paul Chuckle would no longer be presenting it.

No, seriously; Rooney thought the hosts were the Chuckle Brothers – we corrected him, don’t worry.

“But you can imagine my delight when C4 approached me to takeover the reigns. However, I had to insist on Coleen coming with me, as she’s the only one who knows how to stop me eating everything I see – she has these things she calls ’emergency crisps’, that she gets out if I’m looking like I might go on a food binge.”

The former Everton teenager’s enthusiasm did subside somewhat, though, when we revealed that the presenters – Mel and Sue – don’t actually get to sample the food.

“What? You serious? They must do?

“Bollocks. I only agreed to do this because I assumed I got to taste it as well. Do you reckon Paul would steal me a slice? Or maybe I could replace him? I do a killer beans on toast, Coleen will tell you – the trick is to only put the baked beans in the microwave for 90-seconds (most people do two-minutes).”

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