Sir Alex Ferguson continues to throw shade at Liverpool

Sir Alex Ferguson is out of the dugout, but yet the fiery Scotsman has continued to make digs at Manchester United’s greatest enemy, Liverpool. This time, it will be Roberto Mancini needing to tell, Jurgen Klopp, to bring his armour.

“I’ll have plenty of ammunition [for Man City]”

Sir Alex, 2012

“Don’t worry, I have a big helmet!”

Roberto Mancini, 2012

That was possibly one of the best responses to a vintage Ferguson mind game. And now the Scot is making a jibe at Liverpool’s, Europa League Final loss to Sevilla from months ago.

“In the second-half, Liverpool had no energy, they could not get to the ball. The space in midfield became bigger. I never had a team who could press a ball all season.”

Sir Alex



The ex-United gaffer was giving his ‘thoughts’, as part of his role as Europe’s Head of the Governing body’s technical advisors… surely the United Director just sees that role, and thinks to himself.

Continued below…

“Bloody brilliant, another chance to have subtle underlying pops whenever I fancy. I am Sir-the-Legend-Alex after all”.

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Still, the 74-year-old is pretty spot on in his assumption. The game was right at the death of the season, meaning that Klopp’s gegenpressing had taken its toll on the Merseyside lads.

Ferguson did credit Liverpool for blitzing the Spanish side in the first-half, making it a very much one-sided opening…

“Sevilla didn’t enjoy Liverpool’s tackling and determination in the first-half,”

But this incredibly high intense start is what cost the Liverpool side so dearly in the second-half. Klopp’s weighed in on the debate, and has reacted pretty angrily to the comments.

“Sir Alex is talking a load of baloney. The reason we lost the game is because Kolo Toure and Alberto Moreno were at the back. Simon-can’t-catch-a-cold-Mignolet was in goal, and Daniel Sturridge couldn’t be f*&!ed in the second-half! Lazy wanker”

Jurgen Klopp

We’ll see if the high-pressing game costs Liverpool later in this season, as the shipment of Kolo Toure to Celtic, should make it clearer in the business end if it’s the gegenpressing or terrible defending which made Liverpool pay last summer.

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