TV presenter promises to do X-rated performance if Arsenal win title

Gary Lineker has started a trend, with TV presenters making – what are deemed – outlandish predictions in return for doing a forfeit, if their claim comes in.

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With the Match Of The Day host staying true to his word – well, kind of, because they’re more swim shorts – you would’ve thought that club presenters would be a little bit more nervous about coming forward with ‘bets’.

But that isn’t the case for Arsenal’s new presenter, Nicole Holliday, who has named a rather x-rated forfeit for herself, should Arsenal do the unthinkable and win their first Premier League title since 2004.

Nicole was responding to news that Everton’s TV presenter, Jennifer Jewell, would present EFC TV in her ? if the Toffees pulled off a Leicester City this season.

Thankfully for Nicole, Jennifer has more chance of being the one to strip down, as Arsene Wenger continues to persist with a group of lightweight players that are all very much of a muchness.

Ms Holliday clearly knows there’s no hope of the Gunners doing anything this season, and is just happy to play along with a lot of her perverted followers.

The cynic in me (us all) would suggest that Nicole is merely using her new role at Arsenal as a way of gaining a popular Twitter account, which will then will be inundated with marriage proposals and compliments that step over the line of what is acceptable.

Ultimately, though, I suppose it’s nice for Arsenal fans to have something to look forward to, this season – especially when news breaks of Arsene Wenger signing a new three-year deal.

Just thinking of the logistics, how would this even work for Nicole? Will there be a similar cop out like Mr Lineker, who bent the rules slightly? Or will Marc Overmars be ordered to make sure the mankini doesn’t cause a nip slip?

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