The Curtain Falls On Xpecial’s Career As Phoenix1 Survive Relegation

North American League of Legends may soon bid farewell to one of its most cherished veterans, Alex “Xpecial” Chu.

Xpecial is one of the most experienced players in competitive history, having launched his League of Legends career in 2011, two years before the NA LCS was even conceived.

During his many years of service, Xpecial has played under the banners of some of North America’s most successful and prestigious eSports organisations and as a result, his influence can be traced far and wide.

The Phoenix1 man broke down in tears after surviving the Promotion Tournament, weighing up the prospect of retirement, but the support should hold his head up high after a seasoned NA LCS career:

Xpecial started his career as the support player on Team SoloMid, enjoying a number of years of success with the North American heavyweights. After representing TSM for three years and featuring as an All-Star player for the NA region, Xpecial moved to Team Curse, which would later become Team Liquid.

After two years with the Liquid organisation, Xpecial joined Apex Gaming, later bought out and rebranded as Team Dignitas.

Xpecial did not feature in Team Dignitas’ future plans following the squad’s disappointing finish at the NA LCS Spring Split playoffs, joining Phoenix1 for Rift Rivals, a disappointing Summer Split and finally, the ominous Promotion Tournament.

Having now played alongside 70% of the NA LCS’ current cohort of AD carries, Xpecial was overwhelmed by the prospect of hanging up his mousepad.

If it does prove to be the support’s last game on stage, he can retire knowing he influenced many pros and fans alike:

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