Luis Figo must’ve been drunk when saying this about Cristiano Ronaldo

Luis Figo must have spent the week away fishing – ? – as it seems the Portuguese man is very bored of doing sweet FA in retirement.

The ex-winger has decided to turn a few heads by arguing that Cristiano Ronaldo is not the greatest Portuguese player of all-time…

The slicked back Figo, has stated in an interview with AS, that…

“I admire Cristiano and I enjoy seeing his achievements… He just gets better every year. He’s making football history.

“But even though I never saw Eusebio play, I would put him at number one for everything, for the love he showed me, his friendship and his advice.”

“Everyone will say that I say that for this reason or that reason but ultimately it’s just about respect. Everyone makes history in their own time.”

Luis Figo

Huhhh?? You feeling ok, pal?! You think a player who you have never seen kick a ball is better than CR7?! Even after the great Ronnie, gave a masterclass in how to manage a side to European glory.

What’s more confusing is that shouldn’t Figo stay loyal to his old club, Real Madrid. Ronnie is somewhat of a demigod in the Spanish capital, and Figo doesn’t exactly get bad press. So, surely the old boy should be paying tribute to Ronaldo on this link alone?!

Continued below…


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With the greatest respect to Eusebio, the Portuguese man proved himself just at Benfica with 317 goals, in 301. Yes, that stat is pretty bloody impressive, but, Ronaldo has more than justified himself across all levels, from England to Spain, and now at international level… and at a very different time to when Eusebio was scoring goals more than George Best was banging [insert as you please].

Whatever Figo is up to in retirement, whether it’s failing to run as FIFA President or trying to make a name for himself in the media, can someone please keep him off the sauce…

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