Zlatan Ibrahimovic didn’t want to end his career with Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has, of course, taken to Premier League like Zlatan Ibrahimovic took to Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga and Ligue 1; a world-class footballer.

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Ibra’s – and everyone else in the world of football’s agent, it seems – Mino Raiola, has revealed that the King of Sweden was hoping to finish up back in the top flight of Italian football:

“[Zlatan] told me he wanted to end his career at Napoli”.

“At [Ciro] Ferrara’s farewell match, Ibrahimovic told me he wanted to end his career at Napoli

“I won’t tell you if [President Aurelio] De Laurentiis called me for Ibra. What I can say is that none of the Italian clubs could afford Zlatan. Ibra definitely has a Neapolitan mentality though.

Mino Raiola

Couldn’t care less, Raiola; he’s at United. And the truth is, you’re probably lying, anyway. Causing a shitstorm like football agents love to do, only instead of ‘leaking’ stories to the press to get your client a new deal, you’re brazenly going about it yourself.

Raoila is poison; a direct consequence of the the corrupt, selfish, money-driven society that football has become. And instead of refusing to deal with him, we’ve turned him into some sort of celebrity – he’s about one transfer away from having his own chat-show or appearing on ‘Beauty And The Geek’.

It would never happen, but it would be so refreshing if the high-profile footballers, like I Am Zlatan, would follow Antoine Griezmann’s example of representing himself, and having no agent whispering in his ear about money.

“From now I’m going to operate without an agent.

“But I will always have the advice of my father and also my mentor, Eric Olhats.”

Antoine Griezmann

The Atletico Madrid striker now joins a very small list of known players who operate outside the corrupt claws of agents; a list that includes Mr Personality, himself, James Milner.

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