Why Sacha Kljestan Should Be Your Favorite Player

Every club and national team needs that one player that embodies Burt Reynolds’ facial hair, and plays the game like chess master Boris Spassky. Inheriting both of those qualities in one player is, let’s be honest, a lethal combo. Sacha Kljestan is that player for the Redbulls and now for UMSNT. There is no other reason why Kljestan should be your favorite player to watch in the MLS right now.


First, let’s point out the obvious. THE ‘stache. There is power behind the mustache if done right. It can add confidence and swagger. If done poorly, you can get slapped with a restraining order forcing you to stay away at least 100 yards away from a playground. Or, it can get you kicked out of any suburban neighborhood. Kljestan has done the Burt and the mustache community proud.


Secondly, and probably the most important, his third eye vision and ability to pick out a pass quickly has made the Redbulls a deadly team, and it has greatly helped the USMNT in their qualifying matches. For example, take a look at the balls he played (specifically for Pulisic) against St. Vincent and in the T&T game. This clearly illustrates how brilliant he is on the ball. That’s some Boris shit right there.


If that isn’t enough reason to follow Kljestan, here are a few more things you should know.

  • Holds the Single-Season RBNY Assist Record
  • Played for Anderlecht in Belgium for 5 years logging over 150 appearances including 14 Champions League games. Ended his time there winning 3 league titles and 4 Belgian Cups.

Now you can confidently tell your opposer “Silence, Ho!”

Taylor Rockwell, host of Total Soccer Show Podcast, says,

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he was consistently able to spring Pulisic, who at this point is once of the better runners/more intelligent movers on the team. Pulisic makes the types of runs that veteran attackers would approve of, and Kljestan is one of the few players I’ve seen (wearing a US jersey) who can spot them before they happen.

Taylor Rockwell

With October fast approaching, and the Road to Russia still being paved, Sacha is a player to keep your eye on, even if you’re just focused on his mustache.

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