Brandon Jennings doesn’t respect “snitch” D’Angelo Russell

Jesse Kass

Brandon Jennings of the New York Knicks made a splash on Twitter Sunday afternoon, calling out Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard D’Angelo Russell for being a “snitch.”

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter



The shot from Jennings came during one of his regular Q&As with fans across the social media platform. The snitch label for Russell comes from an incident last season where he videotaped teammate Nick Young talking about cheating on his then-fiancée, rapper Iggy Azalea.

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The fallout from the incident left a tense situation in the Lakers locker room and tarnished Russell’s reputation around the league. To Russell’s credit, he has taken responsibility for the incident, apologizing and even poking fun at himself in a Foot Locker commercial this past summer.

Russell has even earned the forgiveness of teammate Nick Young, who got dumped by Azalea for his exposed infidelity, telling the Los Angeles Daily News he couldn’t hold a grudge against his young teammate for his mistake:

We’ve already been working it out. It is what it is. I can’t be mad forever. We’re teammates.  It’s been so long, so it’s kind of old.

Nick Young

All of this, of course, has not swayed Jennings who expressed his strong feelings on Twitter. Jennings did delete the tweet displaying his lack of respect for Russell, but the tweet was retweeted over 4,000 times and saved through screenshots for the world to continue to see. Jennings, however, also commented on Russell back in June, calling him “the worst teammate in the sports history”

Jennings sentiments are certainly shared by many around the league, as Russell broke “man code” when he recorded a private conversation between Young and himself. However, Young should ultimately take responsibility for cheating on his fiancée, and Russell’s apology seemed as sincere as possible and his actions should be chalked up to a stupid mistake by an immature 19-year-old.

Jennings, who is a Southern California native, has also never shied away from his adoration of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant who once “snitched” on Shaquille O’Neal when talking to authorities prior to his rape trial back in 2004.


Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Many fans around the league, as well as Jennings, have ignored the hypocrisy in crushing D’Angelo Russell for his mistake while letting Kobe Bryant get away with his. Of course, Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players of all-time and has earned legendary status around the league and especially in Los Angeles.

Perhaps if D’Angelo Russell can score 81 points in a game or start bringing championships back to the purple and gold, he can shed the “snitch” label like Kobe Bryant did, and maybe, just maybe, earn the respect of Brandon Jennings.

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