WATCH: The inspiring story of a paralyzed college golfer

Damn. Here’s one from the inspiration files: Golf Channel’s feature on college golfer Ryan Korengel.

Korengel, a Cincinnati native, was crushed by a falling tree limb during a round with friends when he was 12. Comatose with a fractured skull, doctors weren’t sure Korengel would survive. Let alone walk. Let alone play golf.

After two weeks in a coma, Korengel woke…with paralysis in his left side and severe vision issues. Again, the prognostication that he’d never walk again seemed to be the right one at this point.

To find out how he moved forward from that dark, despair-filled place to a spot on Division III Mount St. Joseph’s golf team seven years later, spend nine minutes watching this video.

Do it.

You’ll feel better about the world and the human spirit, than if you, say, spent that time watching footage of all-enveloping awkwardness of the Donald Trump, Kanye West meeting.

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