“Beef” will be competing in a ‘birdie, beer, and beef triathlon’ with John Daly

Steven Bowditch has started something that we heavily approve of. A birdie, beer and beef triathlon with him and Boo Weekley, and they have found the perfect challengers.

Bowditch challenged Beef on Twitter and he’s more than onboard with it.

Smart move by Beef. I don’t think there’s anyone more perfect for this type of event. There’s only one problem..

Maybe Daly will just stick with beef and his diet cokes.

If you’re wondering where the beef and beer are coming from, that’s no problem for sponsored golfers.

Beef, check. Beer, check. Now we just need this to happen for the birdies.

Apparently Beef thinks this is a disaster waiting to happen but I think it’s genius. Plus they had an answer for everything, including the format. Seems like these guys are ready to go.

Whenever this happens, it needs to be widely televised or at least documented in some way. 9 holes of awesomeness. Thank you Mr. Bowditch.

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