Scholes names the two players Man United need to sign to save Pogba

Paul Scholes is on course to be the latest well-respected footballer to ruin everything he did on the pitch, by being a fool off of it, with ill-informed comments as a pundit.

“Mourinho needs to find the right partner or partners; I’d have liked to see Michael Carrick tonight.”

“I think he [Pogba] needs – I think he’s shown at Juventus – he needs a controlling midfielder next to him and I think Michael’s got that controlled ability on the ball.

“Schneiderlin, especially, that was his job tonight.

“He was too far back for me, he kept picking the ball up in the middle of defence. In that position it is your duty to get the team to play football, you go and get the ball, you pass it forward, you link the team together.

“Schneiderlin is more concerned about his defensive role rather than being the playmaker in the team, whereas at Juventus he had Pirlo, one of the best playmakers in the world.

“And I think he [Mourinho] needs to go in the transfer market for somebody like that. Michael’s capable of it but I still think they need a controlling midfielder, who can control where Paul goes and can control a game of football.

“I know he’s happy with his four players [signed in the transfer window] but I still think they need that type of player. A Luka Modric or a Toni Kroos, and I think these players are available. Paul Pogba would be a lot better playing alongside these types of players.”

The Ginger Ninja


Classic. Off the back of a £150million(ish) transfer window and after breaking the world-record for a midfielder in Paul Pogba, Scholesy is now suggesting that the Red Devils splash the cash on not one of, but two of the world’s best midfielders.

Right, Paul, you utter muppet; there are so many things wrong with that statement, I’m trying to work out where to start.

Which is these 12 moments is Manchester United’s greatest?

Oh right, so Luka Modric and Toni Kroos are available, are they? Who told you this? Pretty close with Luka, are you, pal?

Absolutely tragic when former pros and managers, through a desire to still feel ‘wanted’ and relevant, they act like a cringeworthy ‘ITK’ account on Twitter.

For the record, Scholesy, journalists actually in the loop are saying that the Real Madrid pair are close to signing new deals with Los Blancos.

Now we’ve got the fact you want United to just spend more obscene amounts of money, talk about throwing good money over bad.

Sure, the Red Devils are in a situation were they could go out and spend another £150million, tomorrow. However, and I know football lacks respect and morals we attribute to everyday life, but how ignorant is that to just throw more eye-watering amounts at the problem?

Why not get Mourinho to earn his salt? Why not develop players? Why not address Pogba’s perceived weaknesses rather than blame everyone around him?

Oh yeah, why would Modric and Kroos leave the biggest club in world football? A club that they both start for.

Ignorance, lack of understanding – a lack of wanting to understand – self-serving comments and no worthwhile insight; the classic trademarks of a modern-day pundit.

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