UPDATE: John Daly responds to ‘birdie, beer, and beef triathlon” challenge

If you didn’t see the very important news yesterday, Steven Bowditch challenged Andrew “Beef” Johnston to a Birdie, Beef, and Beer Triathlon via Twitter.

Beef instantly agreed and named John Daly as his playing partner. A twitter conversation ensued, stating sponsors, rules, and other details for the event.

It wasn’t until today that John Daly finally responded to the challenge.

YAS. I mean how could you say no to this kind of proposal and did anyone really think Daly was going to deny the invitation? Now this really needs to happen.

Even Arby’s, who was called out on several occasions during the rant, said they were on board with the fiasco!

Now all we need is a course, a channel, and a date to be announced. This is just too perfect to pass up on.

Bowditch & Boo vs. Beef & Daly. What a match.

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